I’m Siyanew

A Software Engineer and Backend Developer.

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I am Siavash Ganji and I study Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. I’ve mostly worked professionally with Python but also a little bit with Java. In my spare time I enjoy escaping from escape rooms with my friends, taking photos and developing telegram bots.

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Sharif University of Science and Technology
Tehran, Iran
Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering

Expected graduation date: October 2020
GPA: 18.66 out of 20 (4 out of 4)

Advisor: Prof. Abbas Heydarnoori
Thesis Title: Automated generation of commit messages in code repositories

Selected Courses:

  • Semantic Web 20/20
  • Software Testing 19.2/20
  • Software Requirement 19/20
  • Formal Specification of programs 18.8/20
  • Software Evolution 18/20

Shahid Beheshti University
Tehran, Iran
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Overal GPA: 15.88 out of 20 (3.06 out of 4)
Last 2 years GPA: 3.4 out of 4

Advisor: Prof. Ali Katanforoushi
Project Title: AI/NLP Bot Template for Gomanesh Contest

Selected Courses:

  • Database Design and Analysis 20/20
  • Design Compilers 20/20
  • Datamining 19/20
  • Linear Algebra 19/20
  • Cryptography 18/20
  • Artificial Intelligence 18.5/20


Topic Recommendation for Software Repositories using Multi-label Classification Algorithms (2020)

Maliheh Izadi, Siavash Ganji, Abbas Heydarnoori and Georgios Gousios

Abstract: Many platforms exploit collaborative tagging to provide their users with faster and more accurate results while searching or navigating. Tags can communicate different concepts such as the main features, technologies, functionality, and the goal of a software repository. Recently, GitHub has enabled users to annotate repositories with topic tags. It has also provided a set of featured topics, and their possible aliases, carefully curated with the help of the community. This creates the opportunity to use this initial seed of topics to automatically annotate all remaining repositories, by training models that recommend high-quality topic tags to developers.In this work, we study the application of multi-label classification techniques to predict software repositories’ topics. First, we augment GitHub’sfeatured topics. The core idea is to derive more information from projects’available documentation. Our data contains about 152K GitHub repositories and 228 featured topics. Then, we apply supervised models on repositories’textual information such as descriptions, README files, wiki pages, and filenames. We assess the performance of our approach both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our proposed model achieves [email protected] and LRAP of 0.890 and 0.805,respectively. Moreover, based on users’ assessment, our approach is highly capable of recommending correct and complete set of topics.

Keywords: Topic Tag Recommendation, Multi-label Classification, Recommender Systems, Mining Software Repositories, GitHub

Advanced Topics in Python (2020)

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages due to its simplicity and flexibility and is used in many fields, including data science, artificial intelligence, and web service development. Many developers do not know all the features of this language or do not use it properly. In this book, you will learn how to use Python language features correctly. This book examines different versions of Python, common mistakes, and idioms to turn you into a professional programmer. This book also describes functional programming, logging, testing, and package publishing as well.

Published by Dibagaran Tehran, Selected as the top university publisher in 28th Tehran International Book Fair.



Tehran Institute of Technology

Teaching Python

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Network +

Rahin Co

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, Data Science For Software Engineering (Graduate Course)
    Instructor: Prof. Abbas Heydarnoori, Sharif University of Science and Technology


  • Teaching Assistant, Database Design and Analysis (Undergraduate Course)
    Instructor: Prof. Abbas Heydarnoori, Sharif University of Science and Technology


  • Teaching Assistant, Advanced Programming (Undergraduate Course)
    Instructor: Prof. Adel Hosseini, Shahid Beheshty University


  • Teaching Python Programming Language
    Online class at cafetadris.


Full Stack Developer

Optimizing and converting old Clarity system into RESTful webservice which MCI (Hamrah Aval) uses it as OSS.

Technologies: JavaEE, Oracle DB, Spring, GWT, RabbitMQ, Hadoop, HBase Angular, Kafka

Founder, Backend and Android Developer

Jomlex is an Iranian social networking service.

Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, Redis, Ubuntu, NginX, PostgreSQL, Android, Java Retrofit, Picasso

Backend Developer

Participating in Ahmadi Roshan Project Founded by Iran National Elites Foundation under the super vision of Prof. Behroozi and Prof. Soleymani

Developing Backend and Designing Database Schema for Sina Hospital Information System.

Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, Redis, Graphene, NginX, PostgreSQL, Docker, GraphQL

Bot Developer

Design and Implementing Telegram bot games.

Technologies: Python, Redis, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy


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  • Backend
  • Bot
  • Game
  • Persian

Crux Game – Superhero

This is the hardest ever game on telegram platform!

Room44 Bot


Room44 is my third Game with group.

Subtitle Downloader


Enjoy downloading movie/series subtitles easily. You can also filter subtitles by language and episode number.



It is a web-based platform connects automatically to Instagram despite of all restricted API, it provides a user-friendly dashboard to…



This is a light-weight and smooth HDFS (Hadoop File Manager System) Written in Python and Django. It has some essential…



Subfix is a telegram bot can fix encoding problem in subtitle file. It accepts Srt and Zip file.



Dlnew is a telegram bot that send you file in social media like Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, Radio Javan…



Filinker is a telegram bot that convert telegram files into downloadable link.

WOW 504


World of Words 504 is a telegram bot that help you to learn new words in 504 essential word. it…



Textoji is a telegram bot can convert text to emojies!

Animal Game


? Animal Game is a Funny two player game in telegram.



Siarobo is a multi plugins bot in telegram. It can chat, send youtube video, get music, get lyric, get subtitle,…



I am Founder, Backend and Android Developer at Jomlex. Jomlex is an Iranian social networking service.

Nasser bot


Nasser e din Shakh was my second experience in developing telegram game with group. It is funny with some…

Contagion Bot


It was my first cooperation with group. It is Online Escape room game in telegram.


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